Bonnie Lice Control

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Oh no, no… this is really bad! Barbie's gorgeous blonde hair locks were invaded by lice and their eggs and now she needs your precious helping hand to get rid of them! There is a new special shampoo on the market and she plans to try it out today, hoping that she will manage to exterminate these creatures in a way that is supposed to be less damaging for her hair locks. So first of all, apply the lice killing shampoo on her hair, let it work its special substances, rinse it and then use a special lice comb to remove louse by louse from Barbie's hair until all of them are gone. Well done, ladies! Now that the infestation is terminated you can also choose a new hairstyle for cute Barbie! The half-loop braid back and the ladder braid are the two updos we've prepared at your disposal in this fun Barbie hair caring game, so feel free to select your favorite and start braiding her hair by following the instructions provided in our game! Once you're done, you can also change the color of her hair and you get to accessorize the final hairdo as nicely as possible. Have a blast, girls!

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