Princess Vs Villain Tug-Of-War

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The eternal competition between your favourite Disney Princesses and Villains continue with a new challenge… today they will be competing against each other in a super fun test of strength called tug or war. Aurora, Ariel and Elsa are going to pull the rope for the Princesses Team and their goal is to defeat the Villains Team represented by Maleficent, Cruella and Ursula. Comfy chic outfits are a must and these Disney characters could surely use a professional prep before the competition starts. Come and join them in getting the ‘Princess Vs Villains Tug-Of-War' dress up game for girls started first of all see what sporty outfits you can put together for Aurora, Ariel and Elsa. Browse though their wide selection of lovely printed tops and select your favourites to dress the girls up with, then match your selection with shorts and leggings and make sure to also select some girly-girl accessories to complete their chosen outfits with. Then move to the next page of the game and put together some equally chic outfits for the Villain's Team as well. Good job, ladies! Now here comes the fun part! It's time to support the Princesses Team by clicking on each of them to fill up their hearts. Good luck and have a great time, ladies!

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