Princess Cuffing Season

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Cuffing season is on everybody's lips these days but you should definitely take a look to our amazing dress up game for girls called Princess Cuffing Season and learn from these gorgeous best friends how to combat the need of dating somebody to just keep you company during the holiday season and chilly winter days. They made a pledge to spend every single day in the upcoming months together and oh boy, they are surely going to have so much fun! Shopping trips, coffee dates, weekend getaways, spa sessions and cozy movies nights are just some of the fun activities they have in mind to combat the cold and loneliness so if you're looking forward to temporarily take away your single blues you should definitely join them in. With Elsa, Harley Quinn and Moana under the same roof there aren't two days alike, so don't miss the chance to join them in for their dress up session. Today the girls are getting ready for a weekend getaway in the mountains and you can help them deal with their makeup looks and choose their fashionable winter outfits. Choose cold colors for their eyeshadow, lipstick and blush, then go ahead and browse through their selection of cozy knitted dresses, lovely pullovers, chic pants, puff jackets and fancy winter coats and feel free to select all the clothing pieces you like the most to dress them up for their girls' getaway. Pair your selection with leather winter boots to keep them warm, with trendy scarves, new hairstyles and designer bags. Have a blast playing Princess Cuffing Season dress up game online at!

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