Pet Salon Kitty Care

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You have a pet salon specialized in kitty care and you also have a lot of clients today waiting in the lounge. Use your computer at the reception to see the appointments. Your first client is Mia, a Persian cat. Put her in the tub and give her a bath with water and shampoo. Wipe her dry with a soft towel and then brush her fur. Now dress her up in the most adorable outfit. You have different kind of hats, tiaras and bows to put on her head, glasses, sunglasses or even cinema glasses, collars and scarves to wrap around her neck, you can dye her hair in a new fun color and you can style her mustaches as well. At the end you can take a photo and her owner will leave you some money for your services. Now go back to the reception area and pick a new cat. Pamper all of them one by one until your work day is over. Have a blast playing this exciting game!

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