Monster Vs Magical Princesses Instagram Challenge

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Oh my! The internet is on fire! Your favorite Monster High ghouls and the beloved Disney Princesses are getting ready for en epic Instagram selfie challenge and the question is: who is going to get thousands of likes and will win the social media battle? They are all counting on your help, so feel free to join the girls in getting the ‘Monster High Vs Disney Princesses Instagram Challenge' game started and advice them on a few important things such as their funky selfie faces, outfits and cool accessories they could use to complete their looks with. Begin by styling up the Monster High ghouls: Draculaura, Frankie Stein and Lagoona Blue have accepted the selfie challenge, so the first thing you have to do after joining them in, is to browse through they jaw-dropping wardrobes. Choose a highly original dress for each of them, style up their hair and properly accessorize their outfits with girly-girl hair accessories, oversized frame glasses or piercings. The facial expression is super important when taking a selfie… make sure to choose one to perfectly match the ghoul's pose. Freaky-fabulous, don't you agree? Here come the Disney Princesses as well! Merida, Ariel and Elsa are the girls seeking fashion advice… ready to dress them up? There are modern princess two pieces outfits to pair with comfy-chic cardigans, there are lovely gowns available in their wardrobes as well as some girly-girl accessories, too! Feel free to check them all out and select your favourites to dress them up with! Next, choose new hairstyles for each of them and don't forget to also establish their selfie faces. Good job, girls! Now, who do you think is going to win the Instagram challenge?

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