LOL Surprise Claw Machine

Those of you who are already veterans here on know that from time to time we like to surprise you with a game that goes out of the ordinary. About two years ago you were challenged to play a super addictive game Princess Claw Machine and today our team decided to surprise you with a similar game but this time you get to discover hidden inside the light blue eggs all your favorite LOL Surprise Dolls. Are you ready to give it a try and see if you can discover all the dolls and the cute stickers featured in this free to play game for girls? Then come and get started with the LOL Surprise Claw Machine game for girls and see how far you can advance in the game. Handle the claw machine like a real master, drop it through the multitude of eggs, catch one, two or three, and safely bring your catch to the exit tray. Click the egg to discover its surprise and then repeat it. Don’t stop until you’ve managed to complete your collection of 12 LOL Dolls and other 12 LOL stickers. Keep in mind that as a claw master you also have to win 8 super cool badges… not everyone can do it, so practice a lot and don’t lose your patience! When you’ve done, drop a picture with your LOL Surprise Collection in a comment below or simply comment ‘DONE’. Good luck and have fun playing this challenging game for girls online at!

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