Graduation Hairstyles

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Our girl is graduating college today and in only a few hours from now she will go up on the stage to get her diploma. She has already prepared her graduation hat and robe but she still needs to deal with two other things which are her graduation hairstyle and super chic outfit. Let's help her out! Join her in getting the ‘Graduation Hairstyles' game for girls started and see what stunning graduation look you can put together for her, making sure the result will be simply fabulous! Begin by preparing her hair for her styling part: carefully wash it with a delicate shampoo, use conditioner and a nourishing hair mask as well in order to make sure her hair locks will stay in place. Next, check out the three braided hairstyles she has in mind for the big day and select your favorite. Follow the step-by-step instructions in order to create the desired hairstyle, fix the rebel hair locks with hairspray and then feel free to change its color too! Select a girly-girl outfit to dress her up with and accessorize the chosen one with a graduate cap and with a matching robe. Have a great time, ladies!

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