Ella's Guitar Dreams

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Little princess Elsa dreamt about a guitar. She asked her father for one, but he told her that first she had to clean her room. Then she asked her mother, but she told her she would have to feed the birds. But after she has fulfilled her chores, her parents finally surprised her with a guitar. But now you have to help her play it. Pay attention to the strings and as the notes will start moving along the screen, click on them when they are in the right position. Try to make combos and get bonuses to increase your score. Each level will become more challenging, but you and Elsa will improve as musicians. You can also style the lovely guitar by changing its color and you can also dress up Elsa in a new dress or an adorable onesie. Finish all the levels and you will be allows to free play! Have an incredible time playing this exciting game!

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