Ella Fat 2 Fit

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Elsa wasn't into the prom fever until today when Jack Frost asked her if she would go to prom with him. She gladly accepted but now comes the real challenge: what on earth is she going to wear to impress her crush? None of the dresses in her wardrobe spark joy and Anna's don't fit her curvy body! Luckily there are a couple of days left until the big night and with a healthy diet and the right exercises she can transform her body completely. Now this new challenging lifestyle requires some professional help and that's where you step in as Elsa's personal trainer and nutrition adviser. In order to deal with this major task feel free to join her in getting started our brand new game for girls called Elsa Fat 2 Fit! First, you'll have to teach her how to make healthy food choices whether it's a meal or a snack. Eating the right food is an important step in her weight loss process so make sure she takes her organic vitamins, antioxidants, healthy fats and proteins from fresh fruits, milk, yogurt and nuts. Great job, ladies! Now let's take her to the gym! Put her on the elliptical bicycle, encourage her to work her abs and then make sure she also gets her legs into the best shape. With a healthy lifestyle and the right exercises in the gym, Elsa is now ready to impress everyone with her killer body at the prom. Dress her up in a stunning evening dress, pick a matching pair of high heels and accessorize her jaw-dropping look with sparkling jewelry and a princess tiara. Have a great time playing this amazing game called Elsa Fat 2 Fit!

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