Cave Club Dress Up Game

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Meet the Cave Girls! Join these fabulous and fearless friends to a land of adventures, exploration, and chubby baby dinos and have a blast discovering the origins of some of today's most popular fashion trends. These prehistoric dolls live way ahead of their time so don't be too surprised to discover so many trendy, runway-inspired clothing pieces and accessories in their wardrobe. Their look is super cool and somehow TikTok inspired… you are going to love it! These dolls' hair comes in bold, neon-bright colors and their makeup look includes both fierce face designs and girly elements that scream #softgirl. But wait to see what's in their wardrobe: while some of these dolls are committed to the colorful animal printed fashion style, others love polka dots and celestial prints, fringed skirts, and tiny one-shoulder top to match. Browse through their impressive wardrobe and pick whatever you like the most to dress them up with. Then pair your selection with leaf-inspired overtops, unique headpieces, sandals, and oversized necklaces. Complete their team with four baby pals that are also joining their adventures! Have a great time playing the Cave Club Dress Up Game online at!

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