Wisp Poppin' Wardrobe

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Check out this really cute game made by Steffne. Here it's what she said about the game and also don't forget to check her page, she has som many cute things Bee-chii  made me of Wisp for Christmasthat I decided I wanted to do an outfit meme for her *u*The idea of putting that much effort into a flat image depressed me though,so I decided to make her into a little toy that you can interact with  I made a new base that's meant to look more "doll-like" too c:I might make more of these for my other characters  My own character's are always so neglected HNNGH.I owe credit to = wannywanwan  for inspiring me with the little transferable tattoos from one of his recent deviation's ^__^& I'm using a code that was created by ~ VividView

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