Tsar+ Scath

A unique game creator, made by Jenna, you can read bellow the hole story of Tsar and Scath, and also please check her art here.We at SUPREME SCIENCE thank your for your purchase of the TSAR and/or SCATH unit!To ensure you get the full use and benefits, please read the following information:...Technical Specifications...TSAR - analyse, protect, supportThe TSAR unit is slightly taller than SCATH and it´s bionic brain was developed in our SUPREME SCIENCE central brain. The brain makes constant updates to the SUPREME SCIENCE server - so if it´s destroyed the memory remains safe. His main tasks are to analyse battle situations and advise/support the SCATH units. Depending on which armor is equipped, he has different abilities - from long range flights to orbital ion canon. Note that this unit is limited in short range battle - so make sure a SCATH is around.SCATH - attack, conquer, vanquishThe SCATH unit is smaller but more muscular than the TSAR unit and she is also (except for the brain) 100% synthetic. She comes with a plasma gun and titan blades. Although this unit can fly very fast, it can only do so for short distances. For longer distances make sure a TSAR unit is around to support it. The unit can be upgraded with a powerful laser canon. Caution: The units are built only for battle. This means they are purely synthetic and have no human tissue or organs. They can´t be used for..other purposes....Personality and Interaction.............................TSAR units are logical and calm in battle. Due to it´s bionic brain, it tends to be pacifistic and shy in normal situations. This will be fixed in the next update. SCATH´s are known to get protective of TSAR´s and since this is also the case with the NOTHA units (male counterpart of the SCATH - a heavy armed assault bot), make sure not to put these three types together. This will also be fixed. SCATH´s thrive on fighting and are highly aggressive in and out of battle. Of course they follow the 3 robotic laws but only for you and which settings you choose....Modes.............................Rage: SCATH only - it will attack anything in short range with maximum damageHealer: TSAR only - unit will protect any being in range and heal them with the energy shield...Questions.............................Q: My SCATH keeps shooting the TSAR unit. The shield is preventing damage but it scares the unit. What can I do?A: The SCATH is bored very quickly and it likes to intimidate others. Just keep it busy and it should be fine.With proper maintenance the units should last very long and excel at all tasks you give them.Please connect to our server for upgrades and patches for your units. Thank you.-The SUPREME SIENCE central brain-Inspired by a lord of the rings unit manual and Supreme Commander.Music: Samantha James - Subconscious

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