Seth Dress Up

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A very nice dress up game made by Hapuriainen with a lot of options.Here is what the artist said about the game:Whoa! Seth is cool! *new fav character*!!!her clothes are awesome! Must make a dress up NAO!! *searching for reference images* La di lah laaa.... Yay a lot of images! *drawing*....*drawing*....WTF it took like half an hour to draw even one freaking dress!!!11 and there's like 10 more!! What the hell! Why did I start this?!!!1 I wonder if the amount of details had SOMETHING to do with the awesomeness of the outfits....... Damn, I already drew three, can't quit now.........So that's pretty much what happened. Remind me to never ever try drawing anything Trinity Blood again.This has clothes from Ion's grandma as well, but I turned them green to match the other items better. And I had to design some stuff myself, as sometimes only her back was visible or something. As almost everything I found Seth wearing is included, at some point I wondered "Why is this so important? Nobody would notice if I didn't draw the hat from that one panel in chapter 24, page 27" (It  is  included, by the way, it's the second one in the last row). But it was important to me to draw everything I could find.I think this game represents perfectly the way I make my dress up games. I'm willing to spend 2 hours on drawing one single dress from a series pretty much no one knows (compared to these Narutos and Sailor moons), even if I know it's not going to get that much views. I like Trinity blood anyway, and that's good enough reason to me to sit in front of computer for dozens of hours.

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