Ragnarok Dress Up

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A really cute game made by Wildaddict with lots of options, accessories, you will not know what to choose, but thats not a problem cause this game has also a random button if you are not in a inspired mood. Have fun!:D Here is what the artist said about the game and also please check her deviantART page for more awesome art and maybe an update to this game. Just a Ragnarok online dress up game.Has 1-2 classes, lots of hats, some genetic choises, some drag-and-drop (check that tab ^^).NO trans classes (they looks almost the same as 2nds), no thirds - they... ummm... I just don't like them >> Old RO rocks even if I don't play it anymore, new seems to lose all the spirit.Feel free to play, comment, make avatars etc.Just a fun-made. All rights belongs to Gravity.Maybe I'll find time for v2.0 later, with more hats, dyes and male characters as well.

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