Queenly Portrait Maker

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A very beautiful portrait maker made by Niobesnuppa and sponsored by Doll Divine.Here is what Doll Divine said about the game:Perhaps the most intricate doll maker ever created, Niobesnuppa's latest lets us indulge our history bug and create a gorgeous and life-like Queenly Portrait. You can create queens, princesses or even military personnel! The game encompasses a large part of European history, starting with medieval elements, working its way through the Italian Renaissance, all the way into the Victorian age. In between it also weaves in the German Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo. The refreshing military influence pulls mostly from the 1800s, pulling from the armies of Napoleon's reign, and the tsars of Russia.There is so much to discover... Make sure to go through each menu panel thoroughly, as some expand to reveal more and more options! Besides the intricate, multi-part corsets and skirts, there are also pants, capes, jackets and shoes. In the background section you'll find the most amazing selection of animal companions, from horses to wild boars! The gorgeous backdrops include ships, forests, churches, gardens and castles. Finish with drag and drop embellishments. You can easily spend hours on this dress up game =)

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