Momocheet’s Cupcake Bakery

A very cute game made by Lafhaha, with lots of options to make a unique and cute cupcake.Here is what she said about the game:WOOO!!! Omg. I am so happy this is done but I am even happier at how it all turned out!   I think my wrist is going to fall off...and that song has been invading my dreams for the past few nights.;_; good grief.  This is not technically my first flash game, but I'm considering it my first because Mo Pong was just...XD I've really got to redo that thing. Anyway! This is my first real attempt as far as design and artwork and completion.   I'm looking forward to my next one which is in the design phase right now....  I'd love to see the cupcakes people make!!!! If you want to show off your creations, please screencap it and feel free to post them to BeKyoot's fanpage on Facebook:  [link

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