Mermaid Scene Maker

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This new game by Azalea is such a delight, you have so many options, hand changing position, different body shapes, young mermaids and baby mermaids that you just can't get bored:DHere is what Azalea said about the game: Create intricate scenes under the sea! You can add up to seven mermaid and merman characters, each very detailed with choices of body types, full facial customization, multi-layered hairstyles, options of tails from different species, and of course tons of accessories. For your background, you can choose from a few pre-made images, or make a custom gradient. There's a section for aquatic plants, followed by all the draggable "small characters": animal friends (including fish, dolphin, shark and sea horse), mer-children (girl then boy) and naturally a mer-toddler who's just learning how to swim. Note:  for the merman and mermaid, the draggable menus don't work if the character has been  flipped  (you may need to flip temporarily back to the default position, using in the top left corner)

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    Fixed, Enjoy!

    it only has one color pls fix