Magician Alice

A really cute game made by Mcmugget where you can create a really nice magician.Here is what the artist said about the game and also don't forget to check her deviantART page for more nice art:Doh my god. i think this has been a year+ in the works because of working on and off it and just not having the motivation to do anything. I AM SO GLAD I'M FINISHED, QUICK, THROW IT IN THE FIRE!!!!it was also a challenge because this was the first time I was importing from SAI into flash which, might I add, is a pain in the goddamn ass for a game of this size. If this were a smaller game, it wouldn't have been nearly as annoying, but so many issues arose with things to do with transparency and the like......ugh.this is my character that derived from a gaia avatar, who I just call Alice (my gaia name is Aliice In Wonderland) because I don't actually have a name for her yet OTL. so it's kinda weird calling my character after myself.....? but yeah she's a magician of sorts.a lot of these outfits were taken from the different people I've commissioned to draw her and from versions I've created myself. 

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