Legend Of Zelda

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A very nice game made by Kingv, she was kind enough to let me post it here so I really hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.Here is what the artist said about the game:I always liked Link from back in the day when i played Link's Awakening but didn't like his portrayal in the LoZ tv series. He's one of the only "good guy" characters that i enjoy. ^^The hardest part so far for me is trying to incorporate all the Twilight Princess tunics/shoes in this game since i haven't played it yet myself. And finding online reference pictures is difficult. I've also added a few tunics of my own creation since he didn't have that much to work with in the first place. I wanted to add more clothing and backgrounds but I'm just gonna call it quits for now and leave the game as is. Don't forget to check her deviantART page for more awesome art.

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