Huldra Maker

A beautiful game which allows you to dress up your own Huldra and her male victim. According to Scandinavian legends, the Huldra are very beautiful and sometimes lure men for pleasure, slavery, or death, depending on the source of the tale. I highly recommend reading Niobesnuppa's description of them at the beginning of the game =)This doll maker features a wonderful selection of traditional European folk clothing, particularly Norwegian. You can choose from a multitude of blouses with intricate trims, endless vests/corsets, aprons, skirts and so many accessories like shawls and necklaces. You can also choose between the Norwegian Huldra (cow's tail), Swedish Huldra (fox's tail) or Viking versions. You can really have a lot of fun with the boy in the game, customizing his race and clothing style (modern, Romantic/Victorian, Viking). There are beautiful, painted backgrounds depicting the Norwegian landscape, and all of them can be set to either day or night time.

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