Harpy Siren Maker

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Another amazing game by  Niobesnuppa  and sponsored by Doll Divine  that has un unprecedented move for dress up games, the Harpy Maker lets you choose from SIX body types, both male and female! Step a step back into Greek mythology and create a Harpy, or bird woman, also known as a Siren. Niobesnuppa describes these creatures best in the in-game description: In this game you get to create your own Harpy or Siren from Greek mythology. Both creatures have traditionally always been described as female, but in this game you can create male characters as well.Harpies from Greek mythology were monstrous bird women. In Greek mythology they are depicted as violent and bloodthirsty creatures, greedy thieves who steal food from a starving man and kidnap and torture the Argonauts on their way to Tartarus.Contrary to popular belief, Sirens were never depicted as mermaids or any kind of sea creature in ancient Greek art and stories, that is only how they were depicted in Renaissance art later on. In ancient Greece, Sirens were birdwomen who lived on a flowery island, singing their beautiful songs so ships passing by would crash into the reefs around them in their attempt to get closer to the Sirens. Some depictions showed them as beautiful women with wings on their backs and bird feet, others showed them as large birds with women's heads. Their association with birds is probably because most birds are known for their beautiful singing.Sirens and Harpies are fairly similar in appearance and the main difference is that Harpies are usually depicted as hideous while Sirens are usually depicted as beautiful, though in the earliest myths Harpies were actually said to be beautiful creatures as well.

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