Glam Girls Shopping Spree

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These girls can't wait to have an excuse to go on a shopping spree and in this game you are going to help them. Choose your favorite character and complete all shopping quests and challenges. Based on your character's profile, decide where she would like to shop, uptown or at the beach side? Then you will have to find the perfect outfit for a special occasion, such as a baseball game or a music festival, and you will have to find all the clothing items that you need in the shop. Next you will be challenged to make shopping on a budget, and you can visit different stores. If you ran out of money and can’t buy everything you need, don't panic. Sale season is here and you can visit every store again and buy everything that you need much cheaper. But you know how it's like, you have to be quick because everyone is out shopping so you must shop before your time runs out. Have fun!