Dress Up Kristina

An edgy dress up game made by Liperator, I really like the style and I would definitely wear this clothes, but I think is better if you read what the artist said about the game:heya guys finally i've loaded up my self-made dress up game for my best friend    so have fun with it, and i'm really interested in your creations! so just make a screenshot of your doll (with the print-button on your keyboard   ) and upload it to DeviantArt. send me a note and i'll fave your dollie of course  it works!!, but it loads quite long (2 to 5 minutes - i stopped for you ^^) because it has 17mb! xD  but if u see a just a white screen, this is normal!, so just wait some seconds, minutes,.. ^^or just download it   i think this makes everything easier. but please give me feedback, if everything works normal. and don't upload it anywhere without my permission!if anyone knows how i can make a flash-file smaller tell me please. Don't forget to check her DeviantART page for more awesome art:D

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