Disney Prince Maker

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I love the art style of this one and I usually love male creators. In this beautiful game you can create a male disney prince with 3 different bodies in the style of David Kawena and the programming of Doll Divine. What more can you wish? Have fun!Here is what Doll Divine said about the game:David Kawena is the infamous artist behind the much acclaimed "Disney Heroes" painting series, featuring male characters in beautiful, romanticized poses. It's quite an honor to be able to present a dress up game featuring his talent. In this game you can design your very own sexy Disney-style prince or hero. The game features clothing sets loosely inspired by cultures around the world. Layer dress shirts with pants and coats, and top with a hat and boots. Prepare for battle or a stroll through the palace gardens. How many of your favorite movie characters can you re-create?

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