Cute Boy

A very cute game by BuraMathews, I'm not a fan of Drag and Drop games but this game is to lovely to not post it:).Here is what the artist said about the game:My second flash dress up doll~ This time it's a hybrid between Flash, SAI and Photoshop though.I was browsing on dA and I couldn't find many dress up games with guys on it (that weren't cosplay related), so I decided to make my own... even though these guys don't really look like guys, haha... ||OTLI'm sorry it's really messy (actually, it looks just like my closet after last week's earthquake). I wanted to add more clothes, but there's not enough space D: I could make it bigger, but I wasn't sure if I would mess up with dA's layout. Please don't forget to check his deviantArt page for more awesome art:D

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