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I love rats, I know that a lot of people don't like them but I do:D and I had so much fun playing this rat creator made by KennonInk so I thought that you will enjoy it too. Here is what the artist said about the game and also don't forget to check her deviantART page for more awesome art:D  Create your own fuzzy friend with my newest interactive flash. This flash boasts a wide range of colors, featuring colors that rats naturally come in. It also features 20 markings, 19 of which are also natural rat markings (included one more just to be even!). I apologize if your favorite rat color or marking isn't included. I did the ones that were most common and different enough that they would be easy to include. Some colors for rats are just too similar to others, and there wasn't enough of a difference for me to include them:cAs always, please let me know if you find any glitches!The fantastic sketch for this flash was provided by   I then added my own touches to the initial template and lined it. Other than the sketch, all the art in this flash is of my own creation c: I included one extra feature in this flash: the ability to create a bio of sorts for your rat. When I did a contest before, I had people post this info in their artist's comments.. and it was really quite fun. I decided to include it in the flash itself this time c: You will notice the colors change according to which color you choose on the 'Finished' page.

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    This is adorable, Forest Shack sends its ratty regards.