Create A Dragon

An awesome dragon creator made by  KennonInk  you have so many options, I was lost more than  half an hour playing with it:D. Hope you will have a lot of fun with it too. Here is what the artist said about the game and also don't forget to check her deviantART page for more awesome art:D  My newest interactive flash builder is finally done after about a month's worth of work. It boasts the widest variety of items, body additions, and markings that I've ever done in the hopes that you will be able to create a unique and different character each time.Unlike my previous flash games, which were created literally to be time wasters, I created this flash with the intention of helping people come up with unique original characters. Being original with a character is difficult for some people without adding tons of flashy accessories and colors. This flash hopefully will help those people come up with a character that is one of a kind while still being fairly tame.I hope you all are able to enjoy this game C: I put a lot of work into it, but unfortunately it may be my last flash game ever because it nearly killed me. I always want to one-up myself with these things, and if I tried to one-up this one, I'd probably keel over from exhaustion xD;As always, please let me know if you find any bugs, and I will fix them! However, if the flash just isn't loading for you, please check to make sure your adobe flash player is up to date and you don't have any restrictions on your browser - every comment I've gotten on my other flashes about it not loading have ended up being something wrong with their computer, not the flash.

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