Candy Doll

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In this new game you can create your own candy doll. I'll tell you how, so let's start with the begging. In the first panel you can choose the shape of the eyes for your cute doll and also your favorite color. As you can see, you have many choices so it won't be hard to find what you like the best. Then you can also chose the shape for the lips, eyebrows and the skin tone. We encourage you to try different mixing and matching so you will obtain completely different results, girls! The next step, time to choose a hairstyle for our candy doll. Create the perfect hairdo and try different colors to see what you like the most. After you are done you can choose from two different skirt shapes the one that you like the most and customize it with belts, buttons and embroidery. You can pick different colors for each of these, is't that fun, girls? After that it's time to choose the top. Here you have a lot of options so try them all and then decide upon one. Accessorize your candy girl and save your picture for later. I bet you already have some ideas for your next chic candy girl, right ladies? No worries! Play as much as you want and make a lot of combinations and different looks. Have fun playing this new exciting game called Candy Doll Creator.

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