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Rotare is an idle puzzle game. In Rotare the only option you have is to click at the exact right time or face certain doom. Your dot will auto navigate the mazes and geometric shapes provided, they know where to go, but they don't know when to get thee. Your click will instruct the dot when to turn but not where to go and this is crucial because if you click too fast or too late the dot will smash against the edges of the maze and be destroyed.

This puzzle game�is a true test of your patience, spacial recognition, and timing. Do you have faith in your own ability to navigate the sharp edges and dangerous straight-aways of a series of increasingly complex mazes? When you get to your destination will you be able to start all over again and do the same maze in reverse? Rotare is a puzzle game that offers you the ability to hone multiple skills as you take on level after level of increasingly difficult challenges.