Food Grinder

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Imagine you just couldn't stop. You ran left or right, and jumped up or down but could never stop moving. Your only choice would be to consume as many calories as possible and hope you could dodge the saw blade which was ever at your back. Well, in Food Grinder: The Game, you won't have to imagine because it's real. That's right, you'll play as a helpless hot dog who can't stop moving. Your only hope for survival is to accomplish the missions provided on each stage of this quick-paced platformer puzzler. You can jump up, you can move left, you can fall down, or you can move right. You can do whatever you want but you just can't stop! Collect the diamonds and avoid the blade!

W,A,S,D / Arrow Pad: Move left or right and jump up one level or fall down one level.
In this game, you never stop moving. Your character will always be moving. Your job is to take control of their actions and make sure they avoid the spinning saw blade which pops up on various levels as you play. Track down the diamonds and scoop them up.