Darwinism 2048

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Move the organism towards its matching pair to evolve it to its next stage in life. This is a 248 puzzle game based on the concept of Darwin�s theory of evolution. That�s right, it�s scientific! You start off with a little microbe and keep going through the stages of evolution until you�re a full-grown human. Yeah, that�s not how evolution works but for this game it is. The concept of this puzzle game is simple: You start off with two matching organisms which you can slide together. After each slide, another starter organism is added to the 4x4 square. When you slide the organisms, they go all the way to the end of the graph along with all the other organisms. You must keep matching them to their matching tile while avoiding getting stuck with all 16 squares having animals next to each other that can�t be matched. Your goal in this puzzle game is matching all the organisms until you�ve evolved it to its final form�a sophisticated looking human. You can find your score at the top of the game next to your best score. Once you�re done, you can come back and play again to beat your highest score. Or you can hit the menu and choose to play challenges with a variety of goals you must accomplish.

Use your mouse to swipe the tiles together. On mobile, use your finger to swipe the tiles together. Options at the bottom of the game allow you to go back to the homepage, pause, and turn off the sound. Click on the "?" to look at hints at what creatures you should be creating.