Rescued Pony

Play Game Rescued Pony

At the animal shelter, where Amily works, they got a little, playful pony. He really wanted to find some friends and a new home that would comfort him. Now, he plays with Emily all day.

Warrior Princess

Play Game Warrior Princess

Hollywood is the magical place where all cartoons and movies are born. It holds endless possibilities and creativity. Emily and Macy got a chance to go to audition for new TV show about Princess of Warriors. Girls are very nervous and need your help to pick the best costumes. Macy will be archer, and Emily will have a sword. Only you can help friends to become new Hollywood stars.

Trying on Wedding Dress

Play Game Trying on Wedding Dress

Every girl has a dream to wear the wedding dress for the first time. Emily?s opportunity has come today. Pick out the most beautiful dress for the dream wedding.

New Year’s Eve Party

Play Game New Year's Eve Party

Costume party at school – it’s always fun and mysterious! Anyone can become a real superhero or a dreamlike beauty.

Shopping Tour

Play Game Shopping Tour

Macie and me decide to waste our time going shopping. What could be better?! We are so happy of this! Especially Macie))

Little Princess’s Birthday

Play Game Little Princess's Birthday

You can help to organize dream birthday party for a Emily’s little sister. We will have beautiful invitations, sweet treats, colorful balloons and many friends! Emily and friends need your ideas to make birthday fun and full of giggles.

Unforgettable Memories

Play Game Unforgettable Memories

What can be better than walks in the park together with your mom… Nia gets so sad remembering her childhood… However, all of those memories are so important and precious to her. When she used to be a little girl everything seemed so magical and colorful. Even a regular day at the park or trip to the store was exciting and memorable. How would Nia look as a little girl? Those cute hairstyles, cheerful dresses, colorful tops, and adorable shoes… You can dress her up and have a lot of fun meanwhile.

Christmas Performance

Play Game Christmas Performance

With clouds of fluffy snowflakes, Christmas brings us hope and a lot of joy. Share them with others, and they will only grow. Emily and her band have a Christmas performance in the central square of the city. Create the magical looks for Emily and Justin, so everyone around could feel the mood of Merry Christmas!
Playing this dress up game is the perfect way for any girl to call on the spirit of Merry Christmas! Play with cool clothes and marvelous accessories.
Put on Emily and Justin costumes of your favorite Christmas characters: Santa, elves, candy-fairy from, reindeer or Snowman, or combine some items to make them look hilarious. Have fun, girl! Merry Christmas!!!

Family BBQ

Play Game Family BBQ

When mom and dad are always working and you are in school, it is so nice to finally get together for the weekend. Sleep in tents and eat grilled food.

Cheerleader Group

Play Game Cheerleader Group

Macie’s dream came true! Now she’s a leader of school support group. Nobody can stay indifferent to sporty and stylish friends.

Inviting Thanksgiving

Play Game Inviting Thanksgiving

In a friendly family a gala dinner is especially tasty. Ami prepares a turkey for the first time and it looks really delicious!

Dog Wedding

Play Game Dog Wedding

What can be cutter than a dog wedding! It is such a special occasion! Many friend came to celebrate with happy couple this magical day! Are you wondering how it feels to be a wedding planner? You can help to choose best outfit and accessories, so the wedding ceremony will be perfect

Flamenco Dancer

Play Game Flamenco Dancer

Spain welcomes visitors with bright sun and magnificent rhythms of flamenco. Colorful dresses, extravagant hair styles and authentic accessories make Emily look fabuluos.

Sporty and Pretty

Play Game Sporty and Pretty

Girls are so excited! Nia finally is back from her granny house. She invited her friends for an active morning full of exercises and girls talks. What are your favorite workout outfits? Can you try to find the most stylish and comfy look for Nia that you would enjoy wearing as well? You have tons of options with different styles and colors. Baggy sweatpants, sport bras, t-shirts, hoodies, tennis dresses and awesome shoes.

A Date in Aquarium

Play Game A Date in Aquarium

Amy is invited for romantic date to aquarium. This place is full of incredible creatures and magnificent ocean life. She is very excited to share this experience with her loved one. Help Amy to choose best outfit for that special day.

Pillow Fight Fun

Play Game Pillow Fight Fun

It is so easy to be real and express your true feelings with friends: happiness, pain, excitement, worries. But one of the best part about friendship is to have fun and enjoy small silly stuff like pillow fights.

Snow Angels

Play Game Snow Angels

It is so much fun to play in the snow when you are in love, especially when your snow angel is with you.

Birthday Party

Play Game Birthday Party

Nia was really cute little witch. The party was full of muggles, wizards, white owls and sweets with unpredictable flavors. Girls had a fascinating journey to the Harry Potter world and had so much fun that they could stay there forever.

Christmas Romance

Play Game Christmas Romance

It’s so nice to unpack Christmas gifts! You can always get a piece of Christmas warmth and love even from those who are far away.

English Breakfast

Play Game English Breakfast

Emily and Macy are in London. Girls are eating delicious English breakfast in cozy hostel at Oxford street and discussing plans for couple next days. There are so many exciting things to do in London. They already visited spectacular Royal Albert Hall and took a walk at Hyde Park. Tomorrow girls are going to take a tour at Westminster Abbey where they will meet with Macy new friend from Snapchat.

Emo Cousin

Play Game Emo Cousin

Emo style gains more fans. Cousin Paige is visiting Emily. Paige ? Emo. And she chooses her clothes only according to her mood.

Love Letter

Play Game Love Letter

Emily ventures to make a first step herself. For all night she’s been making a cute love letter for a boy of her dream.

Animal Shelter

Play Game Animal Shelter

Emily addores animals. She decided to volunteer at the animal shelter and care for lonely furry friends. What would be a good outfit choice for such a sweet, caring, kind, and stylish girl like Emily? You can pick and choose from multiple casual and fancy clothing items. There are only trendy pieces like dresses, gloves, skirts, tops, and of course a choice of the animal to snuggle with. Have fun!

Safe and Pretty

Play Game Safe and Pretty

Some circs make us change our routine, habits, or even lifestyle. This time they brought a new compulsory part of clothing in our life: a mask. And we’ve turned it into a new stylish accessory since we want to look stylish and pretty, staying safe.
Emily and Amy visit the city. Dress up the girls according to modern street style. Show that the mask can be a cool a??essories, not just a mask.
Create the best look for them! Share the picture of your creation with friends! We hope they like cool games for girls, as you do. Remember, you can always find more Emily’s Diary’ dress up games you haven’t played yet within the five seasons of the Emily’s Diary’ series on

At a Conference

Play Game At a Conference

At a conference Ami looks like a real business lady. She’s stylish and convincing. No surprise that she becomes a contest winner.

A Date on a Hill

Play Game A Date on a Hill

First date! What can be more romantic?! It was a fantastic evening for Kevin and Emily. A real fairy tale where Emily looked so charming and pretty.

Sisters Shopping

Play Game Sisters Shopping

Shopping with a sister! Beware mall retailers, we are going to empty your shelves! Ami and her older sister will buy all the nice clothes.

The Smell of the Wild Summer

Play Game The Smell of the Wild Summer

Emily, with friends, visits her relatives on the rancho far away from the city. They are weaving wreaths from wildflowers among the beautiful plain. This summer is the last carefree time for her and her very best friends. So, they are trying to memorize every moment: the smell of flowers, the light blow of the wind, and the feeling of freedom with the best friends around.
Choose the best outfit and accessories to complete this picture of wild beauty and happiness.

A Pet for Nia

Play Game A Pet for Nia

When there are no friends around, it’s great to have a small creature that will love you no matter what and will make you laugh when you are upset. Combine different colorful wings, tails, and bodies to create the most colorful bird for Nia.