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So guys, The X-girl game is finally here :D. As you know this game was a collaboration with Doll Divine and because of that the game turned into and amazing character creator in which you have  endlessly options,mutations, you can create a scene maker, a cover magazine, your favorite Marvel X-men character or your own OC and much more :D. Just take your time and enjoy it ! How to use " Brush Mode" : Click on "BrushMode", then click on an item to turn it into a STAMP! Then simply click anywhere on the doll where you'd like the item to appear. If the doll starts glitching from too many draggies, try right-clicking and selecting a lower "quality" setting ~ I'm really proud of it and I'm sure that you will not be disappointed with it. As this is the first game from me that has a saving button please share your creations with me, at my facebook page or e-mail me, can't wait to see it :D Also because this is a very complex game please report any glitches that you may find.

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I think I understand what you mean, because of the complexity of the suit some options had to be limited, however in the overlay section on the last row you have the options to make the top or bottom of the suit different colors, if not you can put the leggings from the normal clothes section. I know is not ideal, but this was the only solution that we could find 🙂

I can accept that. I would suggest, however, that there be some way to have the legs part of the tights be able to be colored separate from the top, the way the sleeves can be. That way, one can emulate a “leggings under skirt” look without having the top needing to be the same color as what you want the legs to be.

Yes I know what you mean, that was the choice at that moment cause some of them have some effects that if I would make them to be colorable they would loose a lot. On the other way I have tried to put in the arsenal and draggies category items so you can color some of the powers and also can create new ones that you can recolor how ever you want 🙂

My only real complaint is that none of the stuff in the “Powers” tab can be recolored, which is rather odd considered everything else in the game can be – it puts an odd limit on some of the creative use of that tab.

Disculpen pero a mi no me aparece la flecha ni nada para señalar en el cuadro del juego y eso hace que no pueda jugar….