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So guys, The X-girl game is finally here :D. As you know this game was a collaboration with Doll Divine and because of that the game turned into and amazing character creator in which you have  endlessly options,mutations, you can create a scene maker, a cover magazine, your favorite Marvel X-men character or your own OC and much more :D. Just take your time and enjoy it ! How to use " Brush Mode" : Click on "BrushMode", then click on an item to turn it into a STAMP! Then simply click anywhere on the doll where you'd like the item to appear. If the doll starts glitching from too many draggies, try right-clicking and selecting a lower "quality" setting ~ I'm really proud of it and I'm sure that you will not be disappointed with it. As this is the first game from me that has a saving button please share your creations with me, at my facebook page or e-mail me, can't wait to see it :D Also because this is a very complex game please report any glitches that you may find.

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Thank you, when I will get back to it, cause I want to make also a male version (not sure when), I will think also at adding DC hero girls 🙂

Dear Candy, I just wanted to suggest another game like this with more DC like hero girls? I feel that if you and doll divine made a DC game like this it would come out absolutely SPECTACULAR!

You are right, usually is an adult on dress up games, I think also because of the body structure and the more options you can ad. Your idea is great, I will keep it in mind, and when the update for X-girl will be done I will try to include also a version of ” X-girl junior” 🙂

This game is so fun! But one thing that usually gets on my nerves with ALL dress up games from ALL websites, I’m sure the majority of the people playing aren’t adults and are probably pretty young like me, I’m 12 and this game is super entertaining and creative but I’m dressing up an adult, may I request you make an “X-girl junior” where we can dress up a girl closer to our age, such as a 10-14 year old to make it more accurate to us playing! Thanks!