The Cradle

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Welcome to the Cradle, a long disused orphanage and asylum struck by misfortune two centuries ago. Nothing lives there anymore. Technically. It is not for the faint of heart. The Cradle has a mind of its own. It doesn't allow its former residents to leave, even if they've been dead for two hundred years. So you have to make the best of what The Cradle allows you to have. While this is less complex than some of my other games, it is also more engaging than most. There is an actual story behind this game, and the character is a real once - living girl. For a better gaming experience I recommend having the sound turned on and also a little reading done on the story. Credits for the idea goes to Ion Storm Inc. and Eidos Interactive for Thief Deadly Shadows - The Shalebridge Cradle, which was the inspiration for this game, and also for the soundtrack, a fragment of the original Shalebridge Cradle soundtrack. For the background 5-6 credits goes to Ecathe  

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да)я тоже играю восновном в эту и Принцесса Of Doom,охота по больше подобных игр

This is actually a great idea, I will see what I can do for next year, now I have some projects that I really need to finish, but this idea is so good that I will try to make it for the next halloween.
Thank you so much :*

Aww, your quite welcome! Well last night I came up with the perfect idea! You see, I play a site called Animal Jam and my friend on there who’s user is Cavie started a crazy phsyco killer club that she named “The Legion Of Insanity.” She was the leader and there were about 7 members including herself. 2 decided to roleplay as already existing creepy characters: Smiledog and Eyeless Jack. The rest made their OWN phsyco killers. Well, then I had an idea. Why not make a game where you can create your own serial killer, and recreate existing ones! You can even make an option to where they have eyes or not, and make humanoid animals for Smiledog! Sorry if you don’t like this idea, I just thought it might help. <3

Wow! So creepy and awesome!! You should make more games like this, I really love this one and Princess Of Doom!