Nisse Maker Christmas Gnome

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A wonderful game made by Niobesnuppa  and sponsored by Doll Divine just in time for christmas. Here is the story from the game : This game features a figure from Scandinavian folklore known as a "nisse" in Norwegian and Danish, and "tomte" in Swedish. They are little gnome-like people who wear red hats and live in barns, very often depicted as tiny old bearded men with tiny old apron-wearing wives, but younger nisser exist too. Nisser are very often featured in Nordic Christmas cards and Christmas decorations and they are never depicted without their iconic red hats. The nisser have many similar folkloric counterparts in other countries as well, most notably in England, Scotland and Germany. Nisser are known for being mischievious trouble-makers. They are said to have magic powers, can make themselves invisible and are incredibly strong for their size, able to lift a cow with one hand. These creatures are very easy to offend, typically by not putting out food for them, making major changes around the farm, not treating the animals well or even just things like swearing too much. In the old days Scandinavian farmers would put porridge with a pat of butter on, out in the barn around Christmas to please the nisser, because a displeased nisse will curse you and pull tricks on you and make your animals sick, while a pleased nisse will take care of the farm animals for you and make sure no harm comes to them. This is yet another dressup game based on Scandinavian folklore. However, in this one I've been more laid-back when it comes to mythical accuracy and included a lot of unorthodox colours and modern accessories so people can make themselves more easily. Choose whether you want to dress up a girl, a boy, or both, then click on the character to open their menu.

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